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Author, Urban Hippy, award winning Pilates & Yoga teacher, Nutrition coach, Meditation teacher, Massage therapist, NLP practitioner, Reiki therapist, mentor, coach, educator.

Our health is our greatest currency. From the food we eat, the movement we do, the thoughts we get caught up in to the actions we make all influence our health.

I teach from a place of kindness and curiosity. Everyone has their own story, their own journey, their own goals.

I have worked in the health, wellbeing & fitness industry since 2009 and have worked with hundreds of client to help them take a breath in their busy chaotic lives. I help them find their inner calm so that decisions come from a place of awareness.

During Covid-19 all sessions are via Zoom.

Class Timetable:
Monday 10am Pilates
Monday 7pm Pilates
Wednesday 10am Yoga
Wednesday 7pm Yoga (+30min Yoga Nidra)
Saturday 10am Pilates
Saturday 1130am Parent & Child Yoga (all welcome)

30min - 90min One to One Sessions Monday, Wednesday & Saturday on request & subject to availability. Individual sessions can cover Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Nutrition, NLP, Life Coaching, Mentoring.

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67 Lenzie Way, Glasgow G21, UK

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8am - 8pm

10am - 8:30pm

10am - 5pm



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‘I fully recommend Jen whether it’s your mind, body or both that you want to work on. And on top of her skills she’s also a caring, encouraging, inspiring and empathetic woman.’


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